To everyone at Stone Edge, I want to thank you for the beautiful kitchen countertop for our home. The entire process from granite selection to installation was professional and seamless. I would highly recommend Stone Edge to all my family and friends.

Ferrara Family


Its elegance is legendary; monuments of the past used marble to enhance architectural features. Its beauty comes from its ability to transform itself in different characteristics of light.  Once considered the domain of the rich and famous, today marble is a popular choice for floors, foyers, fireplace facings and hearths, walls and windowsills, bathroom walls, floors, vanity tops, tub decks and showers.

Marble stone consists of limestone that has undergone heat and pressure for thousands of years. It is a relatively soft stone when compared with granite. Due to being a softer stone, it is not considered durable enough for countertop applications.

Bianco Carrara

Calacatta Oro

Creme Marfil

Emperador Dark

Emperador Light

Giallo Reale

Ivory Pearl

Statuarietto Marble




Other stones selection is available at Stone Edge, please contact your Stone Edge representative today!

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