To everyone at Stone Edge, I want to thank you for the beautiful kitchen countertop for our home. The entire process from granite selection to installation was professional and seamless. I would highly recommend Stone Edge to all my family and friends.

Ferrara Family


Granite is aesthetically pleasing, tough, lasts decades, and is easy to clean and maintain. It creates a sophisticated, spacious feel in any home, getting its glossy finish from highly powered polishing tools and fine grit diamonds. Granite carries a timeless quality and its always in style.

Granite is a completely natural stone that is partly composed of quartz. The advantages of a natural granite are a unique look that cannot be reproduced in a man-made environment. The main reason people select granite is its natural beauty. With granite, you really achieve ever-lasting natural beauty because the colour remains as bright and vibrant as when it is first installed. Its durability and longevity makes it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including tabletops and floors.

Some advantages of choosing granite are that only another piece of granite or diamonds can cut it, so it won’t scratch with normal use. In addition, it’s heat resistant so items from the oven can be placed right on the counter without a problem.

Other stones selection is available at Stone Edge, please contact your Stone Edge representative today!

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